We Manufacture Boats,
We sell fun


Most of our products are made in one piece and only require assembly of accessories or accessories such as stairs or slides adjusting a few screws


Depending on the season, we can customize your order. Similarly, in the case of slides, they are optional you can choose for yourself!



We have 3 years warranty on our products. As manufacturers you can request a repair or parts you need. If our products are good, our after-sales service is better.


Maintenance services

You must request it in advance of the Summer season. Request your budget and prepare your boats. Also ask for our Plan Renove, you will be surprised.


In our manufacturing process we use a unique triple-layer high-density polyethylene technique, including a polyethylene foam layer that avoids pores and gives greater resistance to our products.


All our products go through an exhaustive quality control and buoyancy tests so that our customers can enjoy them from the first moment.

We are pioneers in manufacturing with high density polyethylene.

We care about the environment. Know our recycling program.


Useful life



Years warranty

Satisfied customers

Constant innovation

In 2016 we created a sports work boat, for parachute recreation, known as “Parasailing”.

Thus we became the first Spanish company to manufacture a specific boat for parasailing.

The boat stands out obtaining high success results in all the sets, with a navigation and stability safe and comfortable, proper for the development of this activity.


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