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Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400
  • Boat Orca 10.400

Orca 10.400

VAT included

Orca boat 10,400, designed for aquatic activities of Parasailing

Orca 10,400, is a multi-purpose boat, with functionality for all types of water activities, although very especially the activities and the sport of parasailing.

In her they emphasize his wide spaces and platform of open stern; accessible for parachute landing / parasailing.

• SECURITY: Orca 10,400 has passed rigorous security tests with a resounding success. Both captain and passengers will be 100% safe at all times.

• RELIABILITY: We have extensive experience in the boat sector and are constantly growing, adapting to new safety and comfort techniques.

• FUN: Everyone on board the Orca 10,400 will have a great time. Fun is something that is contagious.


• Length: 10.40 m

• Beam: 3.05m.

• Strut: 0.82m.

• Float level: 0.45m.

• Total weight: 4500Kg.

• Fuel capacity: 400L.

• Capacity of people: 15 + 2 crew.


Made on female molds, polished, helmet and cover. Hull constructed with fiberglass MAT 450, FABRIC 530, MAT 300 and COMPRESS, alternatively to achieve the optimum resistance. Implantation of the reinforcements of the connections in the helmet. The keel with banks of longitudinal forms with connection to the varengas and frames in PVRF. Rigid steel covered seats for seat and connection of the motor and Winch.


Collision chop in watertight headframe. Watertight bulkhead on the master partition frame in the watertight engine room. Two structural bulkheads of containment in low floor of cover that form in their interior water tank, or free space of cabin of registry.


Connection to the helmet integrated with Sikaflex and sealed inside with PVRF, ensuring the watertightness and exterior termination with rubber bead.


1. How many liters of gas oil does the parasailing boat consume on a flight? The consumption of diesel varies depending on the engine power of the boat and the structure of the hull, the wind condition, the weight of the person (s) that will fly, and the quality of the parachute it uses.

2. How many people should work in a parasailing event? A captain and a second person to help is enough. While the captain drives the boat, his assistant is busy putting the harnesses, opening the parachute, etc.

3. What documents do you need to drive a parasailing boat? You only need a recreational boat pattern certificate. This document will allow you to drive a boat of this size; you do not need a certificate to operate with the parachutes.

4. What should I look for when I want to buy a boat? You must look for good technology and quality standards. Like many other products in the world, boats are also subject to imitation or poorly made copies. This method of production is generally preferred by amateur companies and the boats produced by them are far from these standards.

5. Can I try the parasailing boat? Of course! We love to take our clients to the sea to show our fully functioning boats and thus be able to demonstrate, in first person, the capacity they have.

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